Hi! I’m Guy Houben

From an early age onwards, I’ve been intrigued by the art of graphic design and I was always designing things for the web in my free time. During my previous study in tourism, I visited many different countries and witnessed some of the most beautiful places on earth. During a trip in Thailand I realized that I wanted to share such miraculous pieces of our world. This led to my decision to follow a new, creative course which involved capturing such experiences and telling stories. So I started studying Communication & Multimedia design at the MAMDT in Maastricht and this is how I got in touch with photography. at first I was doing a lot of videography, but after a while of shooting pictures for a hobby, people told me I was good at photography and should do it some more. And that’s how it all started.

I grew up in Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands. But travelling is one of my passions besides photography. I love my profession and everything that comes with it. Wherever I go to do my thing, I appreciate the people I meet, the places I visit and the new impressions I get. As I love being around people, photography is a great way to meet new faces.

When photographing, I love capturing details that most people miss as they might seem ‘just normal’ to them. However, many of my clients so far complimented me for seeing things in a different perspective and capturing it beautifully.

Besides details, I love to capture the spontaneity of people and the raw reality of everyday life. Add capturing emotion and the energy of certain situations to that, and you have the mix that excites me to push the button, or not.

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Thanks for viewing my work — I hope you enjoy my website and the work I’m doing. Want to work with me? contact me here.


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