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Another year passed! Another year full of new experiences, setbacks, learning, new assignments, new clients, missing Thailand and school work put on back burner because of my photography business. But damn, 2016 was one hell of a year for me! I don’t want to give you a full reflection, so I set up this post with my favourite pictures of 2016, a list of things worth mentioning and my goals for 2017!

I want to thank all my clients for their trust in me in 2016 and I look forward to shooting more next level things in 2017.

Here’s a list with things about 2016 worth mentioning:

– In february I got back from living in Thailand for 6 months
– According to my lightroom Catalog I shot around 35000 pics in 2016
– I stopped my part time jobs and focused mainly on photography
– I started working with design studios and collaborate with them on big projects for their clients
– In August I shot my first wedding
– After publishing this wedding, I now have 5 weddings booked. Including a destination wedding in MIAMI!
– I got into analogue photography and bought a Nikon F3
– By now I have 5 analogue cameras and finished 5 rolls of film
– I recently went to Marrakech to shoot fashion portfolios and will proceed working with them

My goals for 2017:

– Get that Nikon D760 which “might” be releasing
– Shoot more personal projects (BOOOOOOST CREATIVITY)
– Travel to iceland and shoot there for a few days
– Finish my study and fully focus on my photography business
– Determine which kind of photography I want to focus on
– Release a photo book with pictures from my Thailand travels
– Release a photo book about Maastricht through my eyes
– Set up a print shop
– Shoot look books for local stores

I’ve seperated the gallery in Personal Work, Film Photography & Assignments to keep it clear.

If you’re having problems scrolling, use your keyboard pointers instead of your mouse scroll! I’m trying to resolve this problem.




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