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During the third and fourth year of my multimedia design study, we can choose minors in which you cover a specialisation of your choice. Unfortunately, my specialisation is not part of minors at my academy. So I decided to do a minor at the art academy of Maastricht.

During this minor we got the chance to work out a project in your specialisation of your own choice. As I wanted to improve my photography skills and extend my portfolio with shots of beautiful girls and at the same time tell peoples stories, I came up with the idea of shooting international students in their sorority rooms in Maastricht. None of the girls had experience as a model and I guided them through the shoot.

To give the concept a twist, I decided to have them doing their “thing” and by doing so, telling their story with the picture.

I also shot portraits which I then retouched, so I could practise retouching and show the crazy results that can be achieved.

So, during 2 weeks, I photographed 10 girls. I edited and retouched these pictures the week after and I had 2 days to print the 20 pictures and put them up at the exposition in the Muziekgieterij. It was a LOT of work, but after receiving an 8/10, definitely worth it.

I might start shooting more and make this a 1 or 2 year project, but first I want to focus on finishing school and proceeding the grow of my business.

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