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My last weeks in Bangkok were super busy, I needed 36 hours in a day to finish everything. Therefore I didn’t write any journals anymore. But I’m back home now, I have a lot of time besides the study I’m following and as I’m single again after a beautiful 6 year relationship, all my free time can be put into my work! From now on I promise to write more journals and work my ass off to produce more and more content.

As I’ve been working in a high class french restaurant for a long time, I like to think I have a good knowledge about culinary food. I also love photographing food and restaurants as it used to be a big passion to me. I received an e-mail from Marcel BKK, an amazing restaurant in the Sathorn area of Bangkok, to shoot their new menu & the restaurants’ atmosphere. Obviously I didn’t hesitate and answered as soon as possible to agree with their assignment.

It’s a beautiful place to just go for a drink or a quick snack as well.

Marcel serves up an amazing mix of traditional french cuisine with a modern twist

The cocktails were also very good and photogenic.

Whenever I return to Bangkok, this is definitely one of those places I will visit again. The combination of food and drinks was perfect and I loved every part of shooting here, even though it was a super busy night.

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