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September 15th, 2016, I received an e-mail from Charlotte: “Hi Guy, We are looking for a photographer to cover our wedding at the Islamorada Keys in Florida in 2017. We’ve been looking for a local photographer but couldn’t find anyone that matches the style we’d like. We’re looking for someone to capture special, unique and dreamy pictures and we think your style matches what we are looking for.”

You can imagine my reaction I guess, I had straight up goose bumps all over my body and did a little jump of joy. After my first ever wedding, I received an enquire for a wedding abroad. In a country that has been on my list to visit for SO LONG. I immediately answered them with an e-mail with my rates and noted how stoked I was to be able to cover their wedding. They found me through one of Charlotte’s bridesmaids (Renée), who told her to check out my work. BIG THANKS TO YOU FOREVER, Renée!

It obviously took a lot of preparations, we had a few Skype calls and it felt right for the couple and myself. So we agreed upon the fees, hotel and flight payment. And from that moment on, all I did was look forward to this trip. Once I had my visa fixed, I started thinking about what to do. At first the idea was to fly me in for 3 days. But it would be such a waste to just go there for their wedding. And shooting a wedding without a good rest didn’t cross my mind. I had to stay longer and see the USA.

So, I contacted some local photographers that I talked with from time to time, and I found out my buddy Jerome (who’s a very talented drummer from Maastricht), was staying in New Orleans for a few months to play there. So the planning started and within no time it was travel day! Instead of going 3 days I went for 10 days.

I met up in Miami with local photographers Jessica Bellinger, Lauren Laveria & Nick Mattazzaro and had a great time. Then I flew to New Orleans for 3 days to chill with Jerome. I visited and photographed his gigs with Glen David Andrews and we had an absolute blast rolling down the streets of NOLA by bike. Then I flew to Fort Myers to finally visit my mothers aunt Truus and her husband Bill and stayed there for a night. And eventually my buddy and great photographer Hernan Uriel Sanchez, picked me up at my aunts house in Fort Myers and I chilled with him in Napels and St. Petersburg. Hernan offered to second shoot Charlotte’s wedding for FREE! And we drove down to Islamorada together in his comfy VW Beetle.

At day 8 of my trip we arrived at the Islamorada Keys, where Hernan and I first met with the couple in real life. We had a short wedding rehearsal at the location and I got to see where to shoot at for the first time. When I heared about shooting at the keys I expected white beaches with a lot of jungle and trees, but it was very clean with the occasional plants. Still an amazing place to shoot at though. After the rehearsal we had dinner with the whole wedding party and went to bed not too late to be fit the day after.

I’m not going to say much about the wedding day itself, you’ll see that in the following pictures. First you’ll see my favourite shots from the travels and then the wedding pictures. I had great fun shooting the wedding together with Hernan. Everything was set up really well and the food was A-MA-ZING. Just like Charlotte & Felipe and their families and friends. Hernan and I really felt part of the fam.


Second Shooter // Stills By Hernan
Venue // Postcard Inn Beach Resort & Marina
Coordinator + Caterer // Postcard Inn Beach Resort & Marina
Florals // Charlotte de Rooij & Bliss Weddings
Hair // Ciao Bella Salon Islamorada
Make-up // Vannessa Gomez
Dress // BHLDN

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